System Management
Oracle is the world’s largest software and service provider, offering a range of systems management services to its customers. Oracle system management services aim to help customers manage and optimize their IT infrastructure using Oracle products. Companies can benefit from Oracle system management services to increase performance, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.
System management services can be as follows:
  1. Application Management: The system management service provides services to help customers manage their business applications. This includes processes such as installing, configuring, updating, backing up and performance monitoring of applications.
  1. Security Management: The service provides customers with data security and network security services. Support is provided in areas such as identifying vulnerabilities, creating and implementing security policies, detecting and preventing attacks.
  1. Backup and Recovery: The system management service provides backup and recovery services to enable customers to back up their data and prevent data loss in case of disaster. These services include creating data recovery plans, performing backups regularly and managing data restoration processes.
  1. Performance Optimization: Scope of the Service, the System administrator helps customers monitor the performance of their systems and provides recommendations for improvement. It uses various tools and methods to detect performance issues, optimize system settings and make applications run faster.
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