Artificial Intelligence Solutions
The ML Platform is designed to help companies achieve success on their four critical values.

ML Platform

The ML Platform helps companies achieve success on four critical values designed for;
Each of these values involves specific solutions.

Revenue and Profitability

By understanding which segments deliver the highest return on investment, companies can increase profits by optimizing their pricing strategies, cost structures and product mix. In addition, by identifying the right product, price, geography and timing for their target markets, businesses can increase sales and profitability by helping their distributors place the right product in the right place at the right time.


Sales Forecasting:
  • Make accurate sales forecasts for better decisions
  • Improved efficiency by pre-analyzing materials
  • Knowledge to take action to optimize resources
  • Fast implementation for fast return on investment
  • Predictive analytics for improved cross-selling efficiency
  • Making a prioritized list of customers to target for cross-selling
  • Increase lead purchase rate through customized sales actions
  • Fast implementation for fast return on investment
Profitability (Product Performance) Monitoring:
  • Enabling automated workflow for product managers
  • Profitability and churn analysis for different customer segments
  • Offer customized pricing for each segment
  • Build self-updating models for improved performance and fit
Omnichannel Marketing:
  • Enabling more efficient advertising decisions
  • Providing solutions that increase ROI while reducing total ad spend
  • Making predictions about the effectiveness of advertisements
Lead Scoring:
  • Predictive lead scoring to identify prospects with a high probability of conversion
  • Identify the key customer value drivers that the sales team can focus on
  • Increasing conversion rate and sales potential

Efficiency and Automation

By identifying inefficiencies in processes and systems, companies can increase their productivity and improve their operations.
can take measures in advance to optimize. In addition, businesses can leverage technology and
By taking advantage of automation, they can reduce their costs and optimize resource allocation, increasing efficiency.
and increase their profitability.


Automated Insurance Rating (Quote Scoring):
  • Real-time risk selection and scoring for policy offers
  • Automatic acceptance, rejection or referral to an insurance specialist
  • Fast implementation with data dictionary, integrations and customizable dashboards
Disease Diagnosis and Progression:
  • Predicting high-risk patients and disease progression over the next 6 months
  • Data-driven decision making for doctors
  • Reducing unnecessary medical tests and supporting the right decisions for patients

Experience and Perception

By understanding what causes and contributes to customer churn, companies can address these issues and take measures in advance to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, businesses,
by listening to their customers’ feedback and making the necessary changes to ensure that their customers are happy
and bring them back to themselves.


Customer Review Management:
  • Analyzing and responding to customer reviews with Natural Language Processing
  • Ability to work between different channels at the same time
Customer Retention:
  • Anticipates customers at risk of defection and develops specific action plans to prevent defection
  • Categorizes customers according to risk levels and develops targeted promotion strategies
Employee Turnover Risk Prediction:
  • Predicting employees at high risk of leaving
  • Identify measures to reduce the risk of these employees leaving
  • HR team early warning and quick action

Risk and Compliance

Effective risk and compliance measures prevent potential fraud risks before they occur and protect the organization from
protects from the consequences. In addition, it provides a framework for data to be effectively managed, data correctly classified, stored and protected, so that data breaches and regulatory penalties reduces the risk.


Fraud Detection:
  • Predicting fraudulent transactions
  • Providing you with detailed information about these processes
Payment Delay (NPLs):
Predicting NPLs
  • Reducing the NPL ratio and improving risk management efficiency
  • Fast implementation with data dictionary, integrations and customizable dashboards
Clinical Trial Candidate Selection:
  • Predicting the most suitable candidates for your clinical trial
  • Streamlining the candidate identification process
Credit Risk Scoring:
  • Minimize financial losses by predicting high-risk customers
  • Optimizing portfolio management