e-Ledger applications modernize paper-based ledger processes, saving businesses cost and time.

What Does e-Ledger Bring?

In today’s world, where developing technologies are rapidly integrated into business life, printing and storing the general ledger and journal books, which are legally required to be kept, in paper media and approving the printed papers by notaries every year cause serious cost and productivity losses.The Revenue Administration, which plays a leading role in the transition to e-Government, has prepared the legal infrastructure for the creation and storage of legal books in electronic environment with the e-Ledger General Communiqué published by seeing this situation. Now, companies have the opportunity to create, store and submit their journal and ledger books electronically.Experteam transfers its experience in the fields of finance, e-Government and software to the second generation ‘e-Ledger Plus’ application and moves the legal book printing processes of companies from paper to electronic environment.A company that starts to produce books in electronic environment can gain very serious advantages in terms of cost and business processes.

Cost Advantages:

Business process advantages:

With Experteam e-Ledger Plus application;

  • Companies can carry out e-Ledger creation processes independently of the platform.
  • The program is located in the company’s own environment and trade secret ledger data is not uploaded to the systems of 3rd parties.
  • Thanks to its easy-to-use interfaces, it is possible for users to perform transactions easily.
  • New regulations and needs announced by the Revenue Administration are communicated to customers within the scope of maintenance, ensuring that the system keeps pace with every change.