Database Management
Oracle Database management service includes the administration and maintenance of Oracle database systems. Oracle is one of the world’s leading database management systems and is widely used in large enterprise environments.

Oracle database management service covers the following operations:

  1. Database Installation and Configuration:  Installing and configuring the Oracle database are the core components of this service. These steps include the installation of Oracle database software and configuration of the database according to specific requirements. These databases can be Application databases that work with Oracle ERP systems or databases that work with other 3rd party applications.
  2. Database Backup and Restore: The database management service also includes the backup and restore of the database. This ensures that the database can be recovered in case of data loss. Backup strategies are determined, backup operations are scheduled and backup data is stored securely.
  1. Database Performance and Optimization: As part of the database management service, the database administrator monitors, analyzes and optimizes the performance of the database. This ensures that the database runs quickly and efficiently. Operations such as indexing, statistics collection, query optimization, setting database parameters are applied for performance improvement.
  1. Database Security: Within the scope of database management service, the relevant team takes various measures to ensure the security of the database. Security measures such as user authorization and role management, access control, database encryption, firewalls are applied. Monitoring vulnerabilities and applying patches is also an important component.
  1. Database Administration and Monitoring: The service includes the day-to-day operation and management of the database. This includes tasks such as user management, data field management, management of database objects. In addition, monitoring tools are used to monitor the database and detect anomalies.
In summary, the database management service aims to ensure the proper functioning of databases, optimize their performance, ensure their security and protect data integrity. This service provides a comprehensive service to meet the complex database requirements of large-scale organizations. Experteam offers uninterrupted support services in Database Management with more than 20 years of experience and expert consultants.
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