e-Transformation Family
e-Transformation is the name given to the digital transformation processes of companies. In addition to the values that digitalization adds to human life, it also aims to transform the way of doing business in companies and to be carried out in a more practical and error-free manner.The regulations and control of financial processes carried out by public and private enterprises have also been moved to electronic environments.The products we offer with our e-Transformation Family have enabled savings in physical processes as well as digitalization.With the products of our e-Transformation Family, it is possible to integrate directly with the Revenue Administration as well as with all private integrators.


e-Ledger applications modernize paper-based ledger processes, saving businesses cost and time.


e-Invoice application enables businesses to optimize their invoicing processes by enabling secure and fast circulation of electronic invoices.


e-Waybill application offers businesses the opportunity to easily manage incoming and outgoing e-Waybill management on a single screen, provide transparency in audit processes and facilitate the receipt of stock.


With the use of e-Archive, it offers businesses the advantage of saving on printing and shipping costs, fast invoice submission and easy submission.