Business Analytics Solutions
It brings together all reporting, visualization and data management needs on a single platform, increasing the efficiency of your organization and ensuring a smooth operation.

Single Platform Framework.

Visualize, Report, Excel Front -End, & Mobile.

SplashBI’s all-in-one framework includes all features and functionality within one system. Drive efficiency and seamless operation with built-in functionalities.

Reports – With SplashBI ad hoc reporting, you can redefine value as the occasion requires. Ad hoc reporting means users can generate their own reports without the assistance of a technical professional.

Dashboards – Using the right dashboards and charts can make a massive difference in the way data visualizations impact your organization. That’s why SplashBI visual composer is the best resource for data visualization tools.

Excel Plugin – SplashBI provides a Microsoft Excel add-in as an included addition to your BI suite. Excel Connect offers a user-friendly front-end for transactional reporting within Microsoft Excel that is simple to install and requires no IT staff maintenance.

Data Governance – The SplashBI security model offers you a comprehensive mechanism to secure your data from the legal entity to the row level in a given organization, thus allowing users to see only the data they currently have access to.

Embedded BI – Increase revenue by leveraging your data without building an analytics platform. By seamlessly embedding SplashBI’s modular analytical services with your product, your users will understand the data story across the enterprise.

Effortlessly Transition from Oracle Discoverer with SplashDM’s Streamlined Migration Solution!

Are you currently relying on Discoverer for reporting on Oracle EBS, third-party Oracle-based solutions, custom Oracle database applications, or a mix of these? Choose SplashDM for a seamless, like-for-like migration experience that ensures continuity and minimal disruption to your business processes.

See what makes SplashBI unique against traditional BI tools:

Pre-Built Storyboards
Out-of-the-box reports, charts, and dashboards reduce build effort.

Minimal Consulting Cost
Get insights into your data faster, with lower consulting costs.

Faster Insights, Less Effort
Built-in common data integrations reduce startup effort.

Agnostic Data Model
Built-in data connectors reduce startup effort.

Robust Security
Secure by roles, responsibilities, SSO, or AD Synchronization.

Safeguard Your Investment with an Efficient & Accurate Solution

Choose the Right Discoverer Replacement: SplashDMTransitioning from Oracle Discoverer doesn’t have to mean a costly new investment that requires deep pockets and a significant amount of time. To truly protect your investment, consider SplashDM, a solution specifically designed as a Discoverer Replacement, which includes:
  • Fast and accurate migration utility.
  • Merging EULs while maintaining existing report infrastructure.
  • Report execution from Excel & mobile devices.
  • Easy-to-learn functionality with added features.
  • Inherent EBS responsibility security & user authentication.
  • Pre-built dashboards with visualizations, scheduling, distribution, and bursting.
  • Access to EBS DFF/KFF and drill-down capability.
  • Multiple output options and in-memory analytics.
  • Data mashups and connectivity to other data sources, including cloud applications.
By effectively managing your Discoverer migration with SplashDM, you’ll seize the opportunity to reorganize your data, making it even more insightful and beneficial for your organization, without requiring a massive budget or a lengthy project. How is it done? Contact us.