e-Business Applications
Oracle E-Business Suite ERP
Oracle e-Business Applications enable you to manage your data systematically and relationally in the face of increasing global competition and stay one step ahead of your competitors with flexible, fast and reliable analysis when you need it.

Oracle e-Business Suite ERP

As information technologies continue their rapid progress all over the world, the expectations of companies from corporate business applications are also changing. Today, beyond accessing the right information, why, how and how easily information can be accessed is just as important.The success of corporate business applications projects is measured not only by the scope of technology and functionality and the fact that they are developed in accordance with the expectations of today’s business life, but also by efficient, effective and industry-appropriate process solutions and faster implementation.Working with an experienced consultant team that can offer a combination of business process knowledge, sectoral and technical expertise, as well as the selection of business applications, and implementing an effective project management in accordance with the corporate culture and project scope are the sine qua non conditions for the successful completion of the projects.Experteam also guides its clients on project preparation, the right team, the right methods and the right scope.