RPA Solutions
You can design business processes with drag and drop without coding, manage your robots and continuously optimize them.


RPA is a Robotic Process Automation platform that enables the efficient automation of business processes with high performance and thus the use of human labor in much more efficient and value-added areas. Our RPA product; no-code enables organizations of all sizes to automate their processes end-to-end with its easy-to-use platform that enables process design in BPMN 2.0 notation.RPA; It increases efficiency and reduces costs with fast, practical, flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your business needs. Our process automation platform provides an easy-to-use and experience to visually manage, quickly automate and continually optimize business processes and workflows.

RPA Usage Areas

Human Resources
IT Operation
Finance & Accounting
Sales & Marketing
BPM-Native Platform

For complex processes

No-Code Design

Suitable for end users

Ultra-efficient architecture

For easy maintenance and management

Embedded artificial intelligence (AI) skills

For minimum purchase cost


  • Provides convenience to BPMS users by providing easy and seamless integration with BPMS tools.
  • Documentation of processes in formats such as PDF and Word facilitates the creation of corporate memory, maintenance and change management in previous years.
  • Thanks to the rule engine, business rules are managed in a separate table from the workflow, providing ease of use and maintenance.

No Coding RPA

  • No programming or scripting knowledge required.
  • No need to learn new coding language.
  • Provides application frontends and API/web service integration without coding.
  • Developed for easy use by the end user.

Existing Skills

  • OCR
  • Image processing
  • Image Similarity Recognition
  • Image/Document Classification
  • Text Classification
  • Structured Forms
  • People/Image Count

Coming Soon Skills

  • Voice-to-Text Transfer
  • Language Detection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Process Mining
  • Semi-Structured Forms
  • Text Summarization

Process Examples for Different Sectors and Usage Areas

Examples of RPA Use in Finance and Accounting

  • Accounts Receivable Automation
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Account Discovery Automation
  • Invoicing and Remittance
  • Purchase Request
  • Travel and Expense Processing
  • Data Extraction and Reporting
  • Fraud Detection

RPA Usage Examples in Sales and Marketing

  • Price tracking
  • Dual and Cross-Functional Reporting
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Bidding Process Automation
  • Lead Generation
  • Data Transfer Between Systems
  • Migration from Legacy Systems
  • Social Media Monitoring

RPA Usage Examples in IT

  • Diagnosing Technical Problems
  • Problem Solving (Password reset etc.)
  • Management of Support Notifications
  • Data Backup and Data Cleaning
  • Software Installations
  • Test Automation
  • Document Management
  • Server and Resource Management

RPA Usage Examples in Human Resources

  • Employee On-boarding
  • File Data Management
  • Application and CV Processing
  • Monthly Payroll Automation
  • Company / Employee Survey
  • Employee Attendance Records and Time Tracking
  • Criminal Controls and Reference
  • Expense Management
  • Report Generation and Distribution)
  • Data Connection and Processing
  • Employee Recruitment and Training

RPA Usage Examples in Operation

  • Project Management Reporting
  • Supply Chain Cost Calculation
  • Contract Initiation and Cancellation Procedures
  • Fraud Management
  • License Management
  • Reporting (Creating and distributing reports)
  • Data Collection and Processing

RPA Usage Examples in Customer Service

  • Contract Renewals
  • SLA Management
  • Repayment Management
  • Reporting
  • Order Arrangement
  • Data Update and Data Verification