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By transferring our know-how and expertise based on the projects we have realized in the field of corporate business applications to new projects, we realize the most appropriate, most accurate and fastest solutions for our customers’ goals.

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Leadership in the Technology World: Excellence in Innovation and Business Continuity with Experteam.

With more than twenty years of experience and expert consultants, Experteam supports you in determining your needs in your digital transformation process and choosing the right software.

Meet Experteam's product family created for different sectors by taking advantage of Experteam's experience gained from numerous projects and customer experiences and discover the benefits of managing your processes more effectively, efficiently and integrated.

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experteam logoAs Experteam, we continue to be one of the largest solution partners in Turkey with the number of projects we have completed since the day we were founded, our expert consultants, our wide solution portfolio and the innovative services we offer.

Since 2000, we have been offering innovative, fast and reliable products in corporate business applications and information technologies with our experience and expert staff that we add new ones every day.

We continue our motto of leadership in technology, which we started in Turkey, with the principle of global leadership with the appropriate and effective solutions we offer to our customers.

Following the completion of our projects, we continue to provide uninterrupted, efficient and quality maintenance services required by our customers’ living systems in accordance with ITIL service management processes through Experteam Managed Services (EYM), which has ISO 27001 Information Security Management certificate.

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Experteam established its R&D center in 2017 in order to translate its experience gained from its projects in business applications and information technologies since 2000 into innovative products, combining its competence with both academia and innovative solutions, and proving its development in national / international platforms.
Artificial Intelligence Technologies we use in R&D Projects