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  • Corporate Philosophy

    Corporate Philosophy

    We offer an Integrated Approach

    We carry out our projects with an approach where people, technology and processes are considered together.

    We Create Added Value

    We aim that every project we create and every product we develop becomes a concept creating added value.

    We make difference with our service quality.

    Permanent and Reliable Relationships

    We aim for permanence and quality in our relations and works.

    Corporate Culture

    Corporate Culture

    Experteam has developed and applies its own project management methodology according to internationally accepted standards depending on the contents of projects it realizes based on the needs of customers.

    Experteam’s Project Management methodology (XPM) is a method that maintains enterprise information technology lifecycle based on project management standards. XPM provides an approach to develop a wide range of customizable and business oriented software products. Also, XPM comes with a comprehensive project and software management and associated template and necessary documentation library.

    XPM supports the following technologies and business solutions:

    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Enterprise Integration
    • Special Software Development
    • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Web Center
    • Enterprise Application Development
    • Software Upgrade

    XPM’s Features

    XPM is a business practice model based on certain standards. Thanks to its iterative and incremental structure, it is a scalable and agile model. It ensures realization of projects on basic activity sets, rather than a project-specific approach. It is a business practice method that can be applied to all project types.

    Benefits of XPM

    It ensures clearer understanding of the scope and development requirements.

    It saves time through working on basic activity sets defined based on project types.

    The tests are conducted in a certain cycle, not at the end of project, this increases business quality by realizing problems earlier.

    It minimizes re-work requirement and decreases cost as necessary activities are performed only.

    It reduces project risks.

    Phases of XPM

    Inception: Detailed planning of the project, recognition of the system by the customer on a predefined environment, and performance of necessary preliminary analysis and providing necessary data for future workshops.

    Elaboration: The CRP1 Workshop is held in this phase. The purpose of this activity is to make sure the company recognizes “best practice” work flows and to go over the way the company will use these work flows when business applications are in live use. If a requirement of change arises, differences and additional developments will be documented at the end of CRP1.

    Construction: Additional developments and changes determined at the end of CRP1 are designed and developed.

    Transition: The system which is created as a result of elaboration and construction phases is tested according to defined test scenarios.

    Production: The approved system is transferred to live environment and commissioned.

  • Why Experteam?

    • Experience
      Since 2000, Experteam is realizing projects in the field of enterprise business applications. Experteam transfers its long experience and broad expertise to new projects and creates the most appropriate, accurate and fastest solutions depending on objectives and vision of customers.
    • Expertise
      Experteam closely follows its consultants to complete their expertise certification processes in their fields and develop their technical competencies. At the same time, Experteam improves their expertise by way of trainings and exchange of project experiences within the team.
    • Large staff
      With over 300 consultants, Experteam develops projects in a wide range of product portfolio. It offers service for customers with project teams equipped with proper sectoral and technical experience. Also, Experteam recruits well-trained new graduates and trains, develops and introduces them to the sector.
    • Efficient project management
      In its projects, Experteam uses and efficiently applies the Experteam Project Management methodology (XPM), the project management and implementation methodology. Also, Experteam blends the wide range of options offered by the XPM in a most suitable way depending on corporate culture and scope of the project of its customers and thus shapes project management processes. The methodologies that are customized based on application implementations, version upgrades and migration projects with its experience over 180 projects underlie Experteam’s success in projects.
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