Business Applications

Expectations from enterprise business applications

In line the fast progress in the information technologies worldwide, expectations of company executives from enterprise business applications are changing. Ten years ago from now, the executives were saying that they can’t access the information they want, they can’t report, and information is inconsistent. Their purpose was to establish an integrated system where they can access to the right information and thus report their financial results, profitability and productivity.

Currently, beyond the access to right information, it is that important how and from where this information is accessed and how easy to access to that information. Corporations want systems which they love and produce fast results.

As the technology becomes more important in our daily lives, expectations in the corporate life are changing. Systems such as e-commerce, e-government and online banking have become widespread and thus different business processes and business application scopes are emerging as a result.

Success factors in business application projects

The success of business application projects is now measured with faster realization of these projects and implementation of more efficient and effective business processes that are suitable with the sector. Technological and functional scope of business applications and their development in line with the expectations of today’s business life alone is not sufficient to create successful projects.

As much as the selection of business applications, working with an experienced consultant team capable of offering its knowledge of business processes and expertise in sectoral and technical areas and applying an effective project management fitting to the corporate culture and scope of the project are now essential conditions to make sure the project is concluded successfully.

Experteam guides its customers in areas of preparation of project and having the right team, right methods and right scope.

Why Experteam?


Since 2000, Experteam is realizing projects in the field of enterprise business applications. Experteam transfers its long experience and broad expertise to new projects and creates the most appropriate, accurate and fastest solutions depending on objectives and vision of customers.


Experteam closely follows its consultants to complete their expertise certification processes in their fields and develop their technical competencies. At the same time, Experteam improves their expertise by way of trainings and exchange of project experiences within the team.

Large staff

With over 300 consultants, Experteam develops projects in a wide range of product portfolio. It offers service for customers with project teams equipped with proper sectoral and technical experience. Also, Experteam recruits well-trained new graduates and trains, develops and introduces them to the sector.

Efficient project management

In its projects, Experteam uses and efficiently applies the Experteam Project Management methodology (XPM), the project management and implementation methodology. Also, Experteam blends the wide range of options offered by the XPM in a most suitable way depending on corporate culture and scope of the project of its customers and thus shapes project management processes. The methodologies that are customized based on application implementations, version upgrades and migration projects with its experience over 180 projects underlie Experteam’s success in projects.