Testing Services

With the development of information technologies, companies are able to access to changes in their systems with expert teams, faster decisions and more options. They can realize projects successfully and plan analyses and developments. However there is a step where unplanned external factors are affected most in this project; process tests…

Why is the test difficult?

Regardless of how successfully the analyses and developments are carried out, the process fails if the demand of end user is not met. This process is controlled by detailed tests. This step is a difficult process for the reasons below:

  • The workforce to perform the test is under the obligation to perform their other works for which they are in that company.
  • The adaptation problem to a new system while performing his/her other works due to lack of documentation of such works delays the time.
  • The employee who will perform the test experiences motivation problem due to work load.
  • Since the user who will perform the test has an adaptation problem with the new application, the user has a tendency of leaving the test in even smallest problems.

Why is the test important?

Project or a small development contains changes in the operation of a company. Even a smallest fault in the system may result in a more challenging process in live use. According to consultants, the system does not have a powerful foundation if it does not meet the user’s application requirement even if it is structured with a successful architecture. A properly conducted test is important to determine the compliance of this architecture and minimize the problems that the user will experience with the system.

How to achieve success in test?

A business which understands the importance of the test or a consulting firm which is aware of this importance plays the most significant role in this process.

The following are required for a successful test process:

  • The correct documentation establishing the business processes and user requirements
  • A team planning with a single focal point of making tests, not only when being able to spare time
  • Correct addressing of expectations
  • Correct recognition of the tool to be used in the new application
  • Correct planning of schedule

Experteam’s contribution to test processes:

In line with its project and application development experience, Experteam is aware of the importance of test project and thus offers service with its expert and experienced team under the Test Service, remotely or on-site depending on project requirements.

Experteam determined the scope of Test Center in a way to include all test processes with its experience in Experteam Project Management (XPM) and application developments.

The steps that are structured under this service are as follows:

  • Process analysis
  • Process documentation in coordination with business units
  • Utilization of test tools determined depending on the scope of project or application
  • Ensuring the availability of adaptation and outputs of test tools by the company
  • Test Documentation of test results

A staff that understands the importance of test process and works with its teams accordingly is the most risk-free way for companies to have project success in a short period of time.