Software Development Services

When we look at software development efforts in the information sector, companies prefer remote software development service due to its advantages, rather than outsourcing periodical or long-term development resources and commissioning at their own locations.

Considering this trend in the sector, Experteam adopted a transformation internally and established the Development Center and R&D Department.


Since 2000, Experteam, in line with its broad software development experience in Oracle technologies (PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Reports, Discoverer, OAF, Oracle BI etc.), has expanded its development staff with professionals who have high-level experience in various sectors and are specialized in J2EE, Oracle ADF, Microsoft .NET, Qlikview, Front End Development, and Visual Design (UI/UX). As a result, this expert team performs software development using latest trends and technologies. Besides software development tools, Experteam has a qualified staff in Oracle Database and MS SQL Server.

Our Services

Experteam’s Development Center and R&D Department offers service in following areas by closely following developing technologies and innovations with its over 100 software development professionals:

    • End-to-end Process Analysis and Design
    • Web Applications and Portal Solutions (MS .NET, Oracle ADF, Oracle Webcenter Portal, etc.)
    • Web Design, Front Side Development Services
    • Corporate Identity Management Design, UX/UI Design
    • Product Design and Product Development
    • Remote Software Development Support
    • Integration Solutions (MS .NET, Oracle SOA Suite, J2EE, etc.)
    • Reporting Solutions (Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Business Intelligence, Qlikview, etc.)
    • BigData Solutions (Oracle BigData, Couchbase, Apache Hadoop, ElasticSearch)
    • Real-Time Data Processing (Spark, Storm)

Why Experteam Development Services?

Offshore vs Nearshore

Expertam’s Development Center is located in İstanbul and thus it is at a very advantageous location in terms of transportation for Turkish and foreign corporations. Although Expertam’s Development Center performs all activities through remote connection, the center can also provide service at relevant locations of corporations when required during project analysis and testing efforts under the service.

Cutting-edge technology / Experienced staff / Agile methodologies

Expertam’s Development Center realizes its projects under agile methodologies through its cutting-edge development tools and experienced staff. Thus, Experteam creates quality, modern and fast solutions in its services.

What’s the Audience of Experteam Development Center?

Experteam’s Development Center is preferred by corporations which do not want to create an internal development team as well as corporations where internal development team is having resource problems in meeting demands/projects other than existing projects. Experteam’s Development Center continues to offer its services in a wide range of sectors, including banking/finance, health, insurance, retail, and telecommunication.