Experteam R&D Center

Experteam is one of the top solution partners of Turkish business with a large portfolio of solutions, the number of projects carried out, specialized services it provides, and expertise-, since 2000. Experteams ever increasing
success lies in its rational, hard-working and customer satisfaction-oriented working principles.

XT now has a R&D center to convert its experience in IT business applications to innovative products using local funds.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies used in our R&D Projects

Our R&D Projects

Smart Waybill

This is a software product for efficient management of e-waybill including quality control processes supported by AI and NLP.

This product will also learn the risks of carrier companies and suppliers and manage quality control process.
Benefits of our project output are:

Cloud Based Expense Management Project

Here we aim to develop an expense management application that shall detect cloud-based fraud; a cloud software is being developed for companies to automate the cost processes they manage manually.

General features of the software we developed are as follows;

Artificial Intelligence Supported Recruitment Application

A high-tech, innovative product converting large amounts of data collected by HR departments of corporate companies into useful actions by processing them with ML algorithms. For this, various stages of evaluation and person – job matching problems will be focused on in the recruitment process. With the ML methods a decision support system is developed to reduce the workload of HR departments for them to work more effectively.

Smart Digital Radiologist Project

An AI application that will interpret chest x-rays in emergency departments, our “SMART-DR” project aims to create a DSS to help radiology doctors and to guide clinicians in the interpretation of lung films. This DSS will automatically detect abnormalities in lung x-ray films using image processing technologies, ML algorithms and convolutional neural network techniques.

Energy Consumption and Smart Tariff Project

This application collects information from energy metering systems using different infrastructures and makes ML estimations for measurements that are missing. It also provides analytical reporting of data, integration with ERP or different other systems, meanwhile merging various solutions for the whole process (from energy measurement to invoicing) under one roof.