HR in Information Technologies

Today, the most important asset of the companies is considered as people. Trained and qualified people have inarguably become the most valuable competitive advantage for governments as well as companies. Therefore, education budgets of governments and investments of companies in people are increasing every day and thus there is an increasing need in trained people.

Accordingly, one of the main concerns of company managements is where and how that valuable labor force will be evaluated.

To consider the issue in terms of Information Technologies, IT managers today see their departments as a separate company offering service for internal customers within the company and focus on many areas including customer satisfaction, profitability, and reducing the costs. Technology solutions that are used in companies are as follows:

  • Hardware Solutions
  • Platform Solutions
  • Specialized Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Field Sales Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

Considering the benefits of these examples, IT managers are responsible for their operation, maintenance and support and adding value directly to the end user and company through innovative solutions as well as new projects. Today, support departments are getting smaller. Therefore, IT managers focus on profitable projects on main activities of their companies through strategic technology solutions in order to maintain strategic position of their departments within the company, rather than being a support unit. As a result, the most important issue for IT managers is to use their human resource in a correct, productive and strategic manner.

Today, IT managers minimize support works assigned to their valuable human resource and thus focus on innovative projects by way of preferring support services managed through outsourcing as much as possible and choosing cloud solutions.

Author: Sinan Erkiner


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