Experteam Service Center

  • Experteam Service Center offers service for its customers remotely in order to sustain the lifecycle of systems after completion of project.

    ESC (Experteam Service Center) supports its customers with its expert staff in demand satisfaction, response and solution under the ITIL processes. In this lifecycle, problem notifications, replacement demands, additional adjustments in the existing use and new application demands of the customers are met and delivered on specified date of delivery.

    Services are offered for the customers remotely in line with the experience. Thus customers can access to the experts in their solution-oriented works without any planning. As a result, they can receive productive and cost-effective solutions.

    Being aware of the importance of security in remote access, the ESC has restructured its all work flows and activities according to its ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is an essential part of all other service management processes. It is responsible for defining, keeping the details, tracing the history and reporting of all assets related to the systems (hardware, software, network elements, integrated systems etc.).

Change Management

Change Management increases the efficiency of all changes performed on the system using standardized methods and procedures and minimizes or eliminates negative impact of all change-related cases on the business.

All change requests are made by the Change Request Form (CRF) and put into the system by the authorized system administrator after they are approved based on relevant work flow. All changes are stored and recorded. Changes that are not made on the test system and not approved are not applied on the live system.

Only authorized system administrators have access in the live system.

Event Management

Event Management takes necessary actions to return the operation of systems to the normal as soon as possible in case any problems which stop the processes occur, and keeps potential negative impact at a minimum level.

In case an event occurs, relevant problem is recorded by phone, e-mail and/or Experteam Business Follow-up System and forwarded to the Experteam Service Center. The problem is then handled depending on its content and priority and forwarded to relevant team members and/or escalated. The entire process and updates are monitored and reported online on the Business Follow-up System.

If the calls that are forwarded to the Experteam Service Center are not responded within defined periods of time, the system activates automatic escalation process and the request is forwarded in the following order:

  • Service Manager
  • Senior Consultant
  • Unit Manager
  • Customer Manager
  • Responsible Partner

In addition, a person who notifies a problem by showing a valid reason can request escalation. This process can be monitored on the Experteam Business Follow-up System.

Problem Management

Thanks to the Problem Management, negative impact of the events caused by errors is minimized and reoccurrence of the events related to these errors is prevented. Also, Problem Management looks into the main reason of the events and initiates necessary actions to correct or improve the situation.

There are two approaches in the process of Problem Management. The first one is to prevent possible problems with a proactive approach. The second one is to create permanent solutions to prevent reoccurrence of incidents.

Environment Management

Management of technology products agreed upon with the corporation under the scope is performed by Experteam (Database, e-Business Applications, Application Server, Operating System, Business Intelligence etc.).

Accordingly, the following works can be performed regularly for all technology products.

  • Determination of back-up policy, establishment of back-up structure and presentation of recommendations related to the back-up infrastructure.
  • Determination of configuration and making and tuning necessary parameter changes based on the approval.
  • Monitoring log and trace files and taking necessary actions.
  • Periodical monitoring of the growth and making necessary adjustments at necessary points based on the approval.
  • Planning and realization of required patches and/or patch sets.
  • Making regular checks for health operation of products.
  • Periodical check of back-up / back-up logs and realization of proactive management.
  • Back-up restoration and recovery in critical situations.
  • Identification and reporting of potential problems that may negatively affect the performance and making necessary improvements based on the approval.
  • Intervention in preventable errors with a technical infrastructure and early warning system.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management ensures making necessary adjustments in line with the findings obtained as a result of proactive monitoring at certain intervals and implementing the measures to increase performance and capacity depending on the routing of the system.

Service Desk

Serving as a single point of contact for the users and consisting of people at the Experteam Service Center, the Service Desk monitors and intervenes in the events and ensures highest level of service. It records every stage of operations and controls and monitors the assignments between groups and/or persons. It listens to the problems of users and notifies relevant units accordingly.