Database Health Check

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  • Experteam Health Check Product

    Experteam Health Check product enables examining current status of Oracle databases and reporting what to do for an operation with higher performance, reliability and stability. This reporting process does not make any change in the system and place extra load on the system. Experteam Health Check product aims to recover the performance that is lost by an Oracle database over time due to developing technologies, hardware requirements, increasing number of users and active applications depending on the needs of businesses. Achievement of this purpose is a part of service quality, reliability and value offered by Experteam.

    Why Is the Health Check Necessary?

    All databases experience performance losses, errors and unexpected problems over time due to various reasons. Some of these reasons can be listed as follows: the systems are not maintained; no recent patch management is made; the number of users is increasing; the system is not managed correctly; there are too many applications on the database; and the database is not set up based on this increase. When the database is in that status, it becomes impossible for an enterprise to run its activities in a healthy manner. In today’s world, all data are stored in computers and associated databases. Therefore, these databases must work 24/7 and in a stable way. An unstable database poses the risk of serious losses for enterprises. Also, users and administrators who use database-related applications experience risks such as efficiency slowdown and associated material damages caused by such risks. Therefore, periodical database health checks are very important in order to reveal the status of systems in an objective way, and identify and eliminate the problems before they get bigger.

  • What needs to be done for a more effective health check?

    Health checks alone may not be enough. As much as performing health checks, it is important to develop relevant plans to evaluate the results of health checks from an objective perspective and take necessary actions. It is also important to properly theorize the actions developed based on these plans, put them into practice by testing and adapt them into live environments in a reliable manner by professionals.

    Benefits of Experteam Health Check Product:

    • The data collected by Experteam Health Check Product are technical data. It does not collect any data about the organization.
    • It provides descriptions of technical details to make sure the report developed as a result of collected technical data is readable.
    • It provides executive summary in addition to technical details in the report.
    • It supports report data with visuals in an easily understandable way.
    • In addition to technical details of the database, the report indicates server performance values and technical data of the database in order to determine its interaction with relevant server.
    • It identifies SQL queries that tire the system, together with database performance values.
    • As part of the report, it provides advanced outputs such as Oracle support compatibility, Storage I/O interaction of the database, and database fragmentation.
    • Experteam Health Check Product examines existing database infrastructure and allows making better decisions on technical investments in the future.
    • Taking actions as result of the analysis enables more reliable, durable and stable operation of the database.
  • Why Experteam?

    Experteam is your most reliable business partner with its experienced, expert, customer friendly, future-oriented, young and dynamic staff. Experteam’s reliable, expert and experienced consultancy team will always be with you when taking actions based on the results of health checks. Experteam is ready to become your most reliable partner to help you in determining the actions after the report, and developing a roadmap and putting theory into practice for having a long-lasting technical infrastructure.