Digital Transformation in Utilities with Experteam and Oracle Solutions

The utility industry faces market disruptions via rising competition from non- traditional sources and become more customer centric to protect existing revenue.

  • Digitization creates opportunity but overwhelming volumes of data generated by applications, devices, and sensors must be understood to unlock market insights and new revenue streams.
  • Rising customer expectations, coupled with an increase in extreme weather, aging infrastructure, renewables, electric vehicles, and battery storage, require the utility to turn infrequent transactions with their customers to constant dialogue about consumption, conservation, and control over their demand and supply of utility services (electricity, water and gas)

Innovation fuels our every step toward the next-generation utility business. We’ve combined deep industry expertise and end-to-end solutions with the most powerful customer engagement platform on the market – all supported by an intelligent service network, deeper data analytics and more flexible services. All of our products and services are smart options to make your transition to the future utility ecosystem completely seamless.

Competition from non-traditional sources impacts both regulated and deregulated utility companies, leading many to differentiate through end-to-end solution. Today’s utility customer is no longer satisfied with “business-as-usual” with their electricity, gas and water provider. They want smart, convenient dialogues with their utility so they can reduce consumption and costs, and gain more control and visibility. To thrive in today’s market dynamic, utility companies must adapt their business models to increase revenue by putting the customer at the center of their organization, tapping into valuable behind-the-meter-data and monetizing frequent customer conversations via customer acquisition, product and service expansion, operational savings and selling value at every touchpoint.

Utilities Need a Supply Chain Ready for the Digital Age

Utilities at different levels of “determination”

The Dual Innovation Challenge
The challenge facing utilities is how to maintain reliability while simultaneously creating the agility necessary for innovation

The Dual Transformation

To manage this challenge, utilities are pursuing dual innovation on two tracks, both investing in ways to optimize the core business and be able to adapt to new business models that reflect industry change.

Oracle enables utility companies to innovate

Oracle, Enerji Şirketlerinin İnovasyon Yapmasını Sağlar

  • Many ways to complete your transformational journey to the cloud
  • One vendor for utility enterprise and
    operations solutions
  • One platform for data and process management
  • Solid partner ecosystem
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in the utility industry

Three ways to deliver value to Utility companies

The value of now