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  • Digital Transformation in Utilities with Experteam and Oracle Solutions

    The utility industry faces market disruptions via rising competition from non- traditional sources and become more customer centric to protect existing revenue. Digitization creates opportunity but overwhelming volumes of data generated by applications, devices, and sensors must be understood to unlock market insights and new revenue streams. Rising customer expectations, coupled with an increase in […]

  • Scrum from a different perspective

    Scrum offers us a defined framework and discipline to develop and maintain complex products. Yes, this framework is currently used as a project management methodology by many organizations. Also, Scrum challenges to traditional management approach with its autonomous and liberal structure. In this article, I will try to show the management thought behind the Scrum […]

  • The importance of test

    With the development of information technologies, companies are able to access to changes in their systems with expert teams, faster decisions and more options. They can realize projects successfully and plan analyses and developments. However there is a step where unplanned external factors are affected most in this project; process tests… Why is the test […]

  • HR in Information Technologies

    Today, the most important asset of the companies is considered as people. Trained and qualified people have inarguably become the most valuable competitive advantage for governments as well as companies. Therefore, education budgets of governments and investments of companies in people are increasing every day and thus there is an increasing need in trained people. […]